Beau's Information

Breed: Golden Lab/Irish Setter,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with: Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Beau is a sweetheart! He’s wonderful in the house, LOVES kids and all he wants is to be loved. He lives to have someone touching or petting him. He’s housebroken, lays by the door when you tell him to go lay down, doesn’t get on the counters or table. He noses around the garbage, but with a quick reminder, leaves it alone. Beau is pretty well mannered for 2, but he is an active dog who loves to go for walks and hikes and LOVES the water.

We got him from a family that was moving, they said he was great, afraid of storms and he dug her flower beds up. All of these issues are true. He does dig, but only when he’s tied up. He is an amazing dog.

Beau runs. Plain and simple, he likes to run. If we don’t constantly have him on a leash or attached to something, he takes off. He started chasing deer and we have a farm. Our neighbors also have animals and before anything happens to him, we would like to find a better fit for him.

This hasn’t been an easy decision and we are going to miss him, but I will not let him live his life on a rope. Beau would do amazing with someone who’s home all the time or can take him on lots of adventures.

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